Pashmina classic

In this article, you will learn:
+ which are the classic models and colours
+ what is the classic model that best suits you
Are you looking for a shawl to dress appropriately for a festive occasion or to highlight your ladylike appearance? On this page, we present our absolute classic pashmina, which will undoubtedly set you apart from the crowd. As known, a piece of clothing must meet three basic requirements to become a classic: 1 superior quality, 2 variety of combinations, 3 timelessness.
1. Superior quality
A fashion item intended to express a timeless elegance should never be worn sloppily or appear as a poorly finished piece of work. This claim, applies not only to well-crafted shoes, coats or handbags, but also to the cashmere shawls: Indeed, your Pashmina shawl will only convey its exquisite taste through carefully crafted fringes, a beautiful weave design, and visible, high-quality materials. Please check the pictures for relevant examples.

Detailfoto offene FransenQualität MaterialQualität Webbild

2. Countless combination possibilities
Pashmina shawls are combination wonders. This is especially true for large cloths, which can be equally worn as a shawl or a stole. In the classical colours, that is, white, black, gray, beige, brown and red, they combine with almost any outfit. It might be appropriate to click on our product photographs to catch a glimpse of the countless wearing styles and combinations a cashmere shawl allows.

Schwarz: Eine klassische Farbe für Pashmina-SchalsWeiß: Eine klassische Farbe für Pashmina-SchalsMarine: Eine klassische Farbe für Pashmina-Schals

3. Timelessness
As regards timelessness, the Pashmina made of 70% cashmere and 30% silk is still unrivalled. Here, twisted fringes and the typical weave design are of special relevance. Whoever speaks of a designer piece is wrong. In fact, Pashmina cloths were produced long before fashion design made its appearance. Therefore, all seems to indicate this trend will continue for years to come.