About us

About Us
In this article, you will learn:
+ How are we connected with the cashmere raw material in general and with Pashminas in particular
+ What do our customers appreciate in our services and our quality
+ The key roles our Nepalese partners play in our company
+ How has our company developed over the years


Only Cloths. Nothing else.
We are often asked by clients why we only sell Pashmina shawls and cloths from cashmere while "refusing" to include other products in our product range. Our answer is simple: our company was born out of the passion for Pashmina shawls. Moreover, we have dealt with this product for over ten years and done everything to offer the best possible quality. This we see as our mission, our path forward, even if we miss the sales and profits connected to the sale of e.g., shawls made from sheep wool.
In 2001, our CEO, Tim, returned from a trek through the Himalayas full of enthusiasm for Nepal and the Nepalese people. In his luggage, he carried a red Pashmina shawl, which was to inspire his girlfriend a little later. Accordingly, as his girlfriend repeatedly asked about the strikingly beautiful cloth while he was looking for a good reason to finally go back to Nepal, Tim decided to take the plunge and start a business with Pashmina shawls.
A mini-economic miracle
The beginnings were modest. The apartment doubled as mini-warehouse while the clientele was still quite manageable. After all, Tim had the opportunity to add a personal, handwritten thank you message to each order. At that time, the only "big" element was the quality of the cloths. Indeed, Tim had an uncompromising commitment to quality from day one, shunning all temptations along the way. Rest assured you will not find any misleading quality descriptors such as "Gold" and "Silver" (or "A", "B" and "C") on our cloths. This is so, because we solely and exclusively work with laboratory-tested, absolutely pure product, which stands out not only by the choice of materials, but also by its detailed processing.
The perfectly-crafted cloths from Frankfurt were soon in the news. Recurring orders and referrals from clients soon led to a helplessly crammed apartment and the need to implement professional structures to meet the growing demand from the two web shops, pashmina.de and accessoire12.de, but also from the large number of orders of major and referral customers.
In the meantime - a few years, a move, a new company and tens of thousands of hours later - we are a team of three employees at your service.
The never-ending quest
We are still looking for the best cashmere cloth. The adventure, which started back in 2001, has no end in sight. Over the years, the valuable experience we have gained has led to a gradual yet constant product improvement. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of samples and test products have passed through our hands, to be rejected or accepted. In this way, we have been able to improve upon the "classic products", such as the Pashmina in 70% cashmere and 30% silk, or to develop completely new ideas, such as the Toosha nature shawls. As always, you may be curious about what the coming year will bring! 
The optimization spanned the cloths process but also the cooperation with our Nepalese partners. There, we have established a team of professionals with whom we are in constant contact. Local presence (about 2-3 times per year) is an essential part of our success. And another one, is the constant review of our products by accredited laboratories, which guarantee the perfect raw materials.
Our idea of ​​war-prices
Besides quality, of course, prices play an important role in deciding for or against a product. Accordingly, we endeavour daily to make our range affordable and thus to keep the prices for our customers as low as possible. Our direct sales concept and the absence of large quantities of goods from manufacturers help us offer Pashminas at a reasonable price, without putting any prices stress on our producers in the producing countries.poldi
If you have any questions, please contact us. We are happy to help. Your Pashmina.de team: 
Samson, Deniz, Gundi, Tito, Anna, Tim, and Poldi, and the dog.