Pashmina 100% Cashmere camel

Order number: P1_CAMEL
90 x 200 cm
ca. 256 g
100% cashmere

A stole (90 × 200 cm) made of 100% pure cashmere – it sounds as luxuriously soft as it feels. The loose weave with subtle hem guarantees comfort. You will never want to take it off. Whether you are visiting the theatre, attending a party or enjoying a cool summer evening on the terrace, you are sure to appreciate the understated luxury.


Colour: camel
Size: 90 x 200cm
Material: 100% Cashmere
Label: Parvenu Pashmina
Origin: Nepal
Production: handmade



We ship each cloth in an exclusive gift box of handmade natural paper. Ideal as a gift or just to put away your cashmere shawls.
We can send your gift with a bow to a different address. If so, please let us know as soon as possible after purchase! Of course, this service is free of charge.

Merci beaucoup pour votre rapidité
la commande est bien arrivée et le pashmina est magnifique
Catherine V., Crozet

Guten Tag,
ich muss es einfach mal sagen:
heute habe ich den bestellten Pashmina Schal erhalten, er ist wunderschön, aber was ich als wohltuend empfunden habe, wie sorgfältig und liebevoll er verpackt war. Das machte ihn noch ein bisschen wertvoller.
Mit Dank und Gruß aus dem grauen Siegerland

Geschätzter Herr Klein,
ich bin überrascht und gestatte mir salopp ...ich bin von den von den
Von der Bestellung bis zur Lieferung 24 Stunden, das lässt sich nicht
mehr toppen . Neben der ausgezeichneten Qualität der Ware begeistert
dieser Service, bei beiden genannten Punkten ist "" erste
Wahl !
Herzlichen Dank, das war die erste, aber sicher nicht die letzte
Schöne Weihnachten wünscht
Detlev K., Bad Säckingen

Superschnelle Lieferung, ein toller Shop und schöne Ware, was will Mensch mehr?
Viele Grüße
Gabriela L., Schwalmtal

Hallo Herr Klein,
ich habe gestern den Schal schon bekommen und gerade eben das Geld auch schon überwiesen. Ich freu mich über die schöne Ware!
Herzlichen Dank für Ihre Mühe,
liebe Grüße,
Nicoletta M., Wiesbaden

Cashmere products can be treated just like any other wool fabrics
Wash by hand or select the wool wash cycle on the washing machine
Water temperature max. 30 °C, a little wool detergent, only briefly and gently spin or knead

Thecashmere silk quality Pashmina is very easy to care for: If it absorbsodours - for example in a restaurant or bar - we recommend that yousimply leave it to air out. Spilt something on your pashmina? This isno cause for concern: pashmina shawls can be cleaned just as easily ascashmere jumpers.

During our tests we repeatedly hand washed cashmere-silk blends using Perwoll and did not identify any loss of colour. And Perwoll obviouslythinks about it the same way. Not surprisingly, Perwoll has advertisedits wool detergent with our 70% cashmere quality pashminas!

Butwashing is possible even with the wool programme of your washingmachine. Please make sure that the water temperature does not exceed 30°C and that the spin cycle is limited to a minimum. If the pashmina isstill very wet after washing, knead it gently and thus squeeze out thewater from the wool fibres.

Important: When drying your pashmina, always lie it out flat (!) on a clothes rack. Hanging it could cause the cloth material to distort.

Why is wool so sensitive?
Cashmerefabrics are made from animal fibres, which consist mainly of protein.These wool fibres swell as they come into contact with water. Moreover,prolonged exposure to water, especially hot water or steam, can loosencomponents of the fibres. During machining, wool fibres rub againsteach other as they do not present a smooth but a scaly surface. Inturn, this leads to fabric shrinkage and felting. Inappropriate washingsolutions or excessive detergent produce the same effect. It followsthat you should not rub, wring or pull woollen cloth in the water. Thewater temperature should not exceed 30° C. Refrain from acceleratingthe drying process by laying your garment in the sun or on a radiator.Please note that cashmere fabrics are particularly sensitive andfeature a slightly lower colour strength than other wools.